• How long is the CCW Class?

    The In-person class is Saturday starting at 1 pm. The online class is self-paced, so you can finish it in a couple of days or a week.

  • Are there any other fees?

    Yes, after booking you will pay ammo + range which is $50. Also, each permit has an application fee: Utah-$63.25, HQL- $50, MD Concealed Carry- $75, DC- $75.

  • DC Requirements?

    Concealed carry pistol licenses are now allocated with a "Shall Issue" policy by the Metropolitan Police. Applicants will need to meet certain requirements such as being at least 21 years old, possessing a registered pistol, and completing a firearm training course. Washington DC does issue non-resident pistol licenses and the application is exactly the same as a resident’s application. If you have completed a firearms training course in another state this may exempt you from training in Washington DC, you will need to supply some form of proof to verify the training. Remember that any firearm you plan on carrying in Washington DC will need to be registered in the district. CCW license applications are required by law to be processed within 90 days. Licensees are reporting 50 to 120 days, but some of the longer times may have been due to large initial applications after shall issue fully instituted in Oct 2017 Permits/Licenses.

  • MD Requirements?

    The Maryland Wear & Carry permit is initially issued for 2 years for a new application but on subsequent renewals that increase to 3 years. The permit can be easier to obtain if you have a business interest in Maryland. Handgun permits are available for non-residents. The application process for non-residents is the same as for residents. Requirements to qualify for a Maryland handgun permit Must be at least 21 years old. Has not been convicted of a felony or of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year. Has not been committed within the previous 10 years to any juvenile detention center for longer than one year. Is not an addict or alcoholic nor has ever been convicted of an offense that involves the possession or distribution of a controlled substance. Has not, based on the results of the investigation, exhibited a propensity for violence or instability. Must show good cause as to why you need a firearm. Has completed a firearms training course.

  • Utah Requirements?

    Any citizen of the U.S. or person legally residing in the U.S. is entitled to a Utah Concealed Carry Permit if they meet the requirements. Utah gun laws are regarded as permissive however a permit is still required to carry a concealed firearm. who are 21 or older, have completed a firearms training course, and meet other criteria. There is a provisional permit available for persons aged between 18-21. Applications are processed at the state level by the Bureau of Criminal Identification.

  • Can I get a permit if I'm 18 years old?

    Yes, if you have a job that requires it. If not, you can only get yourself HQL and train.

  • Do I have to have my HQL before I come to the class?

    No, in our classes we give you the HQL free with the CCW.

  • Is this legit?

    Absolutely, check our reviews. Our prices are the cheapest in the DMV because we’re not trying to hit a lottery ticket with this. Our goal is to get 1,000 people legal in 2021 and we’re on track for that.